Madalyn | Senior Session | Columbia, SC | Statehouse

Hi friends!!!!!  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how long it’s been since I blogged last… like probably a year… and then I looked and it’s been almost 2! (Insert shocked face emoji)   I feel like those of you who follow me on social media kept up with my progress and see more in my stories on Instagram.  However, those stories only last 24 hours and let’s be honest, lately, Instagram has been a little glitchy.  So, here I am, bringing you back to a session from March!

Yes, we have a lot to catch up on here and I am beyond thankful and grateful!  I wanted to start with a session that I feel really shows my growth and education into photography.  It’s important to always keep learning and growing.

Meet Madalyn!  She’s one of the nicest ladies you’ll meet!  She is on her way to the pretty campus with the ugly colors (aka Clemson) and will represent Columbia well!  I had the pleasure of meeting her and her mom for some senior picture fun. Here’s just a few of my favorites…

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